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Formula 1: When and where is the testing and the car launch?

I really trust the SkySports.com website. It seems to be the only site to give the credible information reguarding the testing and car launch dates and venues. The other sites are also making claims but are just guessing the dates and venues. So I highly recommend the Website to get the most credible information regarding the Formula 1.

And what you can expect at the the car launch? In my opinion the best experience you will ever have. The cars are great in shape and outer appeal. The new aerodynamic rules and the introduction of wider tyres, expected to produce a look which will be very different to any cars you might have seen in the recent past. The cars are also expected to be significantly faster. The rules are so different and so unique the car launch will be something most fans would be waiting anxiously.

If you are living near Silverstone and you have free time you can catch the launch of two new cars of Force India and Mercedes. The Force India will be launching the car at an event on February 22 and the Mercedes will be launching on February 23. If you are the lucky one you will also be able to attend the fan meet-and-greet with Lewis Hamilton and his new team-mate Bottas. You will also be able to see the first laps of the season around the historic circuit.

Renault will be the first team to unveil their 2017 car on February 21. The team has been struggling for a long time and it is expected to give a tough competition. The rules change in this year seem to be favouring the team compared to the previous years.

The schedule for the car launches are :
February 21:Renault,TBc
February 22: Force India VJM10, Silverstone
February 23: Mercedes W08, Silverstone
February 24: Ferrari at Fiorano and McLarenMCL32, Woking
February 26:Toro Rosso at Barcelona.

All these dates are taken from the website Skysports.com
According to the site both the testing sessions will be held at Barcelona.
If you all will not be sad the cars are treated this time like supermodels. And looks matter.Ok

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