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My name is La Place. I am a mechanical engineering student. I am passionate about motorsport ever since Formula 1 came to my country. I was just 15 years old and I was fascinated with the speed. The intricate technology that is involved in making of the car is amazing. The more I dug the more I found and I realised that the best way to learn more is to write more and more.
I am a mechanical engineer and I have a dream of working in a Formula 1 team. I am fascinated by the glamour and the will to fight. The planning that is involved and the amount of rivalry between the teams and the drivers.
My personal hero is Michael Schumacher. The god of racing.
The mission of this blog is to write about motorsport so that people become aware of the inner stuff that is there in motorsport.
I want people to know that motorsport is not easy and is not about turning left 4 times. If you have that feeling then you are in the right place to read about it.

Vinay La Place


If you want to collaborate you can leave me an email and I will follow up as soon as I get time
Any fan mail is appreciated. Just leave it in the comments.

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