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Formula 1: Australian grand prix begins. Who will be the strongest?

As the Australian grand Prix begins this Sunday. It would be an interesting thought to wonder which team will be the strongest. This year's rule changes have certainly affected the teams in a big way. So, how will all the changes affect the teams? We certainly don't know what the teams will do? Even the big and the brightest cannot tell then I cannot anyway.....

Here is something that we have learnt about the cars seeing the performance of the cars in the pre-season testing. All the teams have found out the tricks to win. All the cars have come up the fish wings at the ends of the cars and all the cars have side pods. No team is such that has not come up with that design.

The Testing proves that the rivals have caught up with Mercedes. Even the Mercedes head believes that the gap is significantly closed. And the concern is pretty evident because Ferrari lapped almost seven-tenths faster than Mercedes which the Official Formula 1 side says that the Silver arrows may not be ahead in the Australian Grand Prix. But it would also be important to remind ourselves the fans, that this is not a new thing and it has happened before where the Ferrari's have seemed faster due to less fuel and the balance of the car during the Practice sessions in the last season. And the Silver Arrows have caught up.

But to take the other teams less seriously could be a big mistake. Because we must remember that a team like Force India was able to win in the Monaco race and no other team was able to come close to it.
Just as a side thought the pink car of the Force India is really good. We don't know why they came up with that design but there should be a reason and nothing on that car is without a reason.

The design point of view is you see the Practice session today you may have noticed that the carws were not sticking on the track and there were a lot of spins and off track experiences. The rear wing and the rear tyres are revolving with vibrations even a small bump on the track is making the rear wing to move and vibrate with the car. As far as the assessment of the tyres are concerned they claimed that the tires are going to proved maximum mechanical grip. Which clearly it doesn't seem to be the case.

It may also be that the teams have not yet found out the perfect balance for the cars. And this could be the reason that the cars are sliding around. Palmer's crash at the last corner of the track is clearly the explanation for it.

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