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Codemasters Formula1 game: Keyboard tricks and car settings for better control.

The Codemasters Formula 1 official game is difficult to play on the keyboard as the throttle controls and the stearing controls are not that good to play. The car tends to turn continuously and it is not possible to make a nice controlled exit out of corners. The throttle controls will give 100% power all the time you press the go button on the keyboard. This destroys the tyres and you lose the control very early in the game. And you end up using the flash back option with guilt.

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So here are the best possible control to play the game on the keyboard. There are no tutorials on the youtube platform or the blog platform on this topic and I  know that many of the users are keyboard players and don't have the money to buy a Thrustmaster or a Xbox controler. I suggest if you have the money it is a good investment, it is not like the other controllers that will break down.

The best and the first option that you can try is keeping the default settings on the car. there are a lot of settings that the Youtube forum will tell you. There are certain type of car set up that you can find on other platform on every track. This kind of adjustment are well suited for the players on the controlled throttle and the strearing wheel. The keyboard guys like me should not try out this. When you will press the throttle out of a corner the car will spin and you will give up playing the game.

#5 do not put the car setup on custom. use the default car setup of the track built by developers.

This rule I found out the hard way. I was playing the F1 2013 on this setup and the car lost control soon. The times will be quicker no doubt. But the illusion will end soon. The tyre wear will be rapid and you will be in the gravel in the last corner of the track. This rule does have an exception, MONACO. Here is the only place where this rule is an exception. The other track where the tyre wear is like rapid ALBERT PARK. and AUSTIN. do not try and use the custom car set up that you find on the Youtube platform.

The next thing that you can do it to try out different gear transitions. you may have noticed the gear suggestion on the manual and suggested mode. This is also basically for the people with the controller. You guys should try out taking the turn at different gears. And especially if you are int he car that is not that good. Like if you are in a low ground force car, then you should take the turns at a higher gears rather than the lower gears. 

#4 Try out different gears combinations for different tracks.

You can try out and be comfortable with the timings of  your gear shifts. This is the reason developers have given the time trials and the season championship. This the best place to get your rythem for different tracks. But remember you will be good at the track only of this car. If you play the next years version be assured you are going to end in the gravel. The timing is different. 

Always set the car breaking power to max. The maximum you breaking the better will be your performance. This is rule is especially for the cars that are slow. Also recognize that you will also be loosing times elsewhere due to your control limitations and your traction loss. The best way that I found is to use the balance of the car according to the track set up. The better the balance of the car the better will be the effect of the breaking.

#3 Set breaking to high and set the balance right to the needs of the track.

This rule like other rule has many exception too. The breaking should be exceptionally high to tracks like MONACO, and other smaller tracks like the SPAIN, HUNGARY and BELGIUM. For all other tracks the breaking should be medium. And try out the best settings that you are comfortable.  You may have noticed that I am not giving the sure short and accurate settings for breaking and balance because the rythem for every one is different for different people.

There are certain corners in the entire track that are slow and it is not possible to accelerate out of them. The best way to do it is to hit the throttle like this * * * * * * *. This way you will be accelerating but not like you will be thrown out of the track in the gravel. The next thing that you must follow is to accelerate as soon as you see that the track is ending its turn and beguining to straighten out.

#2 Accelerating out of the corner is the key

This is the most important rule if you want to be on the track and be in the lead. The next thing that you could do is to make the AI following you fall back. The AI give up easily and do not chase you until and unless you are on the ideal line. So the best thing is to wave your car as soon as they come closer to you. The AI gets scared and they leave you chasing.

The ultimate trick is to make the throttle saturation to max or to 75% according to your driving style. This mode of set up does not change the throttle power but the rate at which the power flows to the engine. This is the best way to engage the throttle settings. This settings gives the slow and the steady power to the engine and prevents the car from spinning out of the track.

#1 The best setting is to set the throttle saturation settings to 75%

When you set this. You may want to stop the car out of the racing line and put the gear to 1 and just press the go button. The tyre will not rotate and spin and make the car slip. rather the car will gently get the power and the car will pick up much quicker. And thats what we want. This feature is not required of the people playing on the wheel because they can control the throttle better than the keyboard players like us. 

So here it is people try out this setting and win the championship. Happy racing.

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