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Thrustmaster Ferrari Universal Challenge 5-in-1 Racing Wheel review.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari Universal Challenge 5-in-1 Racing Wheel is a good wheel or a controller if you want to call it that. But it is best suited for people who are just getting into gaming and especially into racing. The wheel has many advantages and many disadvantages. But if you have purchased it here are a few tips that will help you to analyse the product. The most important question that every racing gamer asks for the first time is ' why is this thing so slow' and naturally, you must also have had the same query. It may also be the reason you are here.
Let us see what the Wheel is all about. The Wheel photo I cannot put because of Copyright reasons and I don't have the money like Samsung to pay for the lawsuit. It is a digression.

#1 What is it and what are its features?

The Thrustmaster is a good company in comparison to the other companies who make the gaming wheel. So if you have bought it or you are thinking about buying it then you have chosen the best company. The wheel is designed with such precision that you will know that the people who have designed it know what they are doing.
The wheel is having a lot of keys on the wheel and you may be confused to understand what they are all about. The first mistake any gamer will make is that the buttons are preprogrammed. This is totally wrong. The keys are there for the gamer to program them and not by the producer. The keys will be having some default control but not so good for your choice. The keys that are there on the dashboard are so good that you will not experience the pain that is associated with pressing buttons on the controller. The keys are having a good consistency. You may have also noticed the navigation button that button is so good for the control of the menu. It removes the need to navigate through the game with the mouse controller.
The wheel is also having gear change in the back of the wheel just like the real Ferrari car and kind of does give the feeling of driving one. The best thing about this is that the feeling that it gives to the hand is good. You don't have to reach for the paddle. And if your hand is small and you are are not able to use the paddle you can also customise the keys on the dashboard.
The force feedback on the wheel is good and is a good experience. This feature has only one disadvantage, the feedback is only for the Playstation and Wii and not for PC. The USB is not good enough to give that data. But if you are lucky you can also get the feedback on the PC if it is fast and does not run on the slow processor. 

#2 What makes this one best one for a beginner?

This is a god option for a beginner because of the fact that it is simple to use. This wheel is so simple that you just need to plug and play. There are no need to make driver installation. The wheel is small and compact and you don't need a wheel specific table to play on it and the wheel does not take a lot of space.
The wheel is capable of mounting on any table because of the simple clamping design and not rubber or screw mounting. The clamping may be simple but the strength that it can handle if the clamping is done perfectly is very high for a primitive one. The wheel does have the spring tension so that you don't have to look at the wheel to line it or keep it straight. The wheel will come to its original position on its own. This feature is a good thing if you are a beginner.
The paddle is smooth and makes the noise so you know that the gear has been shifted.
The most exciting part about this wheel is it is universal. The following fact makes the wheel be called universal. The wheel has several ports on a single wire. So you can plug thing to your PC, PlayStation or Wii.

This is a part on of the review the part 2 will there soon.
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