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Top 5 things to look out for in 2017 season

This new season is going to be all about how the cars are going to be looking like and how the cars will be making the sound. The only complaint the fans are even me are making is regarding the sound and the aesthetics or the cars and it has nothing to do with the race performance.
The only thing that you will be seeing in the new cars will be its shape and the old style of Formula cars that are low and have  large rear wheels. Just the kind of thing that is needed for the publicity and the eye candy.
The eye candy will be the rear wings and the rear wheels which have changed and are slightly banked. The wheels are larger and have a lot of mechanical traction which will be adding an extra time advantage and the cars will be as quick as the cars used to be before the turbo era. The regulations have made the cars look more aggressive.

What is the proposed bodywork for 2017?

The tyres have about 33% increase in their contact with the ground. The thread which was 245mm wide is now 305mm wide and the rear has changed from 325mm to 405mm. Simply put the rear tyres will now become the front wheels and the rar wheels will be the new inclusions. The suspension changes form 1800mm to 2000mm. Which does not made much of a difference in the driving style but does affect the times and the aerodynamics.
The best thing the FIA has done is to make the front wing not look like some adult movie cover. But they have said 'simplified endplate legality'. So you won't see the wierd fornt wings. The rear wings will be the best part of the F1 car this year. This year the cars will be the most epic design the modern racing has seen. Like I said the appearence is given the most important.
That is basically the most important changes the F1 2017 has made. The rest of the changes I did not include because they are not the important factors that govern the money flow in the company. 

 Will the cars be fast or slow?

Are you depressed that the world is changing for the worst. Then do not dispair you are in for a surprise. The cars will be much faster. As the FIA has claimed the cars are going through an aerodynamic rules evolution and the cars will be three seconds quicker.
As there are no major changes to the engine so there will be no technical changes to the cars. The trends if observed the cars are getting quicker and quicker. The small capacity V6 engines have set world and track records in Bahrain and Austria. 
And this is the best thing that is happening to the company. I know and may be you may have also felt that the company and the sport has changed to who is able to keep the car on the track and complete the race and not about racing. The cars this year will be difficult to drive no doubt about it. But this is the right direction, the cars faster will make the fans go wild. 

What is this obsession with tyres?

The F1 intent on increasing downforce, plans to have long been in place to make the tyres wider to increase mechanical grip. The tyres have to be able to compensate the power that the engines give. The amount of crashes that have happened due to the lack of grip is huge and the drivers are themselve complaining about the reduced downforce. The wider threads will be giving the extra grip to the drivers to over take in the slow corner but the question about the speed will be a question mark,
And if you observe the tyres will be adding a challenge to the braking ability of the car. Becuase in 2016 the cars had regenerative breaking but will this breaking be sufficient to get that hard grip that we get to see in the thrid last corner of Canada.
But this claim that the cars will be making the breaking more difficult. FIA make the compensation in the car weight and the tyres will be counter balancing the effect. So this year the pick is anyone with a broken suspension and a puncher will not be able to sustain in the race. 

The bottom line is tyre choice will be the most important part in this years grand prix racing. The fuel and the other race stratagies like undercut are going to be little or not use at all.

What about the waroom sound?

You and I are missing the old loud noise of the car. That high pitched sounds of the high reving engines. You may not believe it but certain drivers and a some of the team owners have also rased complaints about the sound and how it is not their favourite. 

Certainly you cannot do much to the engine noise because the engine sound is dependent on the engine shape and the piston configuration. The engine sound has to be produced using other means.
You may not believe it but a sound generator which is not natural is also in the pipeline to crank up the volume. But this is all just dream talk. This will only be introduced in the year 2018.

So folks you may not get the sound this year but if you are a young fan and you live long enough to see the cars in the year 2018. Best of luck.

What about the HALO?

This small device is placed over the drivers cockpit and will be helpful if some kind of debree was to hit the car and damage the drivers neck. But this is still under testing and will not be certainly be in the year 2017. The main reason being the testing of the object in the first place. THe question ablos arrises aboiut eh need of this in the first place because? Becuase no accidents have ever occured where the bouncing tyre have hit the drives in the head and have dislocated their head or something.

But I propose that the halo is bot going to be a good idea in the case where the car is overturned and the drivers has to make a quick escape and the car is on fire. If that happens then the driver is in trouble. What if the halo absorbs alll the impact of the hit and crashes inside the driver helmet. NO one knows as of now. This is the reason the halo is not being used int the grand prix racing. The halo will be used int he practice sessions.

So folks that is all that is important for tis session. The driver line up is much the same with the inclusion of Lance stroll. The rich dude who is in the ferrai school of driving.

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