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'Commercialized' F1 compel Mercedes to put 'rules of engagement'

The cat and dog fight seem to have got out off hand. The silver arrows fighting on the last lap to win points for the world championship seem to have made the Mercedes team use a lot of measures. Have you ever noticed, certainly as a food for thought, Toto Wolff never mentioned the driver championship points but always says they missed 50 points of consturctors championship....Why?

Isn't drivers the face of the company and the people and the fans are mainly concerned about the drivers championship? There is certainly something not right here.
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Mercedes have told Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg that they remain free to reace at Silverstone this weekend, with no team orders being imposed - for now. However, the drives have been given stricter 'rules of engagement'. 
And the team head also goes on to say that the drivers are free to race but if they do not abide by these rule of engagement then the penalties will be imposed. Which means what ?  nothing.. Why don't they say 'Oh! don't race any one just make a one two finish that's it"
o-) Ahead of silver stone where the British driver has the home advantage. The drivers will be fighting even more than usual. Even if the drivers will be subject to these rules, I don't think this will stop the crashes and the contacts. The drivers will not be afraid of the orders at all. Both of them are seasoned drivers, and Nico is from a drivers family. 
This Ferrari s don't have this problem, the williams don't have this problem, not even the red bull where Max Verstappen is stealing the show and Riccardo is not able to perform. Why with Mercedes? 
No ideal, you have an opinion comment, share and tell me what do you think.


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