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Team Orders will kill motorsport, don't you think?

At the time when motorsport is more than just a bunch of chosen guys racing on a dose of adrenaline, team orders will surely distroy the interest in the game. And certainly loose the fan base it has accumulated over the years.

Why are teams desperate to impose the team decision?

The answer is clear.Money!! The teams have got the sponsors and have made a huge amount of investment on the drivers and the car. Each and every component is custom made and is not in use as soon as the season is over. So the custom designed parts are the majour concern. If the drivers keep taking the risk and don't play safe then they cost the company a lot.

Just to give an example, A front wing on a car itself costs a few thousand pounds. So every crash on the T.V that you see on the live relay is about a half a lakh dollars.

The debat has risen once again after about a decade without any serious emphasis. The last famous incident was way back in 2002 When Rubins Barrichello was made to give the pole position to Schumacher who was second on the last lap just at the last turn of the Austrian Grand Prix.
The move was heavily criticised and is still looked upon with disgust by fans.

Why is it not good of the sport and fan base?

Now as the two arch rivels in the silver arrows are quarreling as cats and dogs to win the World Championship titile, the debate is simply getting big. Just after the crash in the recent Austrian Grand Prix. The owner of Mercedes came to the reporter and said he would be glad to impose the team orders.

While Hamilton clearly does not want it. (why? Because the team orders favour the one leading in points!!)

As a fan I would suggest let the steward handle the matter, and not the teams desperatly taking measures.
Insted I think they would get more sponsors as the cars are the major hilights in the race.

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