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Formula 1: Is the old fasion back? are the drivers ready for it?

The 2017 season is going to be the next season which will be associated with the tag of the 'Biggest technical shake-up'. The rule makers indeed came to the old design to bring the spice in the race back. And I feel that the amount of buzz that is there in the Formula 1 grand Prix was just not there. This rule change in aimed at one thing and one thing only, the fans. The speed of the cars will be very quick just like the old days. You may even feel like Schumacher gave a flat out of the Eu Rouge.

The rules are in favour of speed rather than keep them in check. This is what is said on the official site of the Formula one. The old designs that killed the racers due to increased speeds and less control are back. Do you remember that Arton senna complained about the reduced role of the driver in the modern driver aid? And sadly it was the same thing that killed him in Imola. So be prepared for some of the close shaves in this season. And I suspect Monaco will be the race that will be an indicator of the rules. And how serious the designers are this year I highly suspect.

Isn't it odd that the people who made a huge damn about the safety are now advocating for speed? I think the Trump effect has hit Formula 1 as well. Funny I made that joke here! anyways.

 Although there are many significant rule changes that are old fashioned but the one we will be discussing will be the Side racks or the old ground effect technology.

A product of Colin Chapman's perennially innovative Lotus team, ground effect technology that came and dominated aerodynamic development in F1 in the late seventies and early eighties, which made the cars gain a huge advantage with the grip and greater corner speed. That is the same technology that will be used in this season. But not the same technology but the principles of it. The cars that you used to see take a slow turn in the last corner of Canada, you will see them take that corner with a larger speed. The maggots curve in the Silverstone track you used to reduce that gear to take the turn with your car on the track. The drives will be able to take the corner with a lot of ease. With that, the physical ability of the driver will also be under consideration.

It is a digression.

Little bit of history here, F1's regulators moved to limit the benefits of ground effects in 1981 by banning skirts and introducing a mandatory ground clearance of 6cm. But eh teams weren't so eager to dispense with the enormous gains they'd found, and several ingenious solutions were developed to get around the new rules.

That year the Lotus car was banned due to some kind of violations but this year the primary motive in the rules change is to make the teams go towards that direction. And you will find them go toward s that direction.

The car will be looking great and the people will be looking for them. The sales will be increasing this season I think just because the cars are looking great. If you bring a model the crowd will be comming but if you bring a super model the crowd will be going nuts. So looks does matter. And the F1 people know that.

This is part one of the technical aspect 2017.

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