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Formula 1 Technology used in real life! You think it is waste? Think again....

Have you ever had this experience, you are a formula one racing fan and you suddenly see your family members give a disapproving looks to you.When you are having a lot of fun and your mom asks to you to work on your errands and spoil the fun. But when you try to defend you don't have an answer to their eternal question
What does those cars going on the circular track for over an hour bring to you and to this world?

And if your family and friends have asked you this one for sure.
Do you know that fossil fuel is so precious and these guys are wasting it on the race and bringing nothing?
What does formula one racing bring to the world any way?

If your friend, or spouse is an athletic one it is this
What exercise does the F1 give to you and what are its benefits?

Well if your are a victim of such a questioning and do not have an answer. Well.. I am here to help you
Like any other technological sport or a venture there is a always a real life application to it always....
Be it space or F1 nothing in this world is a waste....Trust me on this.

How F1 technology is working in the operating room

McLaren announced an agreement with the University of Oxford to enhance key medical services by jointly developing analysis and decision support tools. The Partnership draws on McLaren's experitise in simulation technology, data management and predictive analytics.They're startin with 50 surgeons, mostly ones in trainging bu also more experienced surgeons.
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A sensor is placed on a surgeon's elbow while they operae. The data is sent via Bluetooth technology to computers. THe sensors can produce a stream of data that can be analyzed in real time for immediate feedback on a surgeon.  

The Insane Mathematical Efficiency of a Pit stop to Operating table

You must have seen the fast and prefect pit stop at a grand prix weekend and wondered what is the use of this percision in the real world. Here is your answer. The Rolex timed pit stop is analized in the computer and the teams come up with the tools and position of the pit crew which will be the most efficient.

The tools is ofcource Mathematics,

The same maths can be applied to the surgeons table where every second of the patient counts. In the grand prix weekend it is about the prize money but here it is more than just money. LIFE

The tools that are kept in the table, They are kind of laid out on the green cloth as seen in the movies, The position of this is calculated with maths that is developed in the PIT stop. So that the necessary tools are availble to the surgeon and the assistant without the jumpling of tools.

This is the best example of the use the pit times in saving a persons life. So the next time you see a pitstop think about the life it saved some where in the world.

Doctors are using Formula 1 technology to test the effictiveness of experimental medicines

Smart sensors used by McLaren to track the performance of their cars on the track are being used for the first time in clinical trials of new drugs.
Hopes that by precisely tracking the movements of patients they will get earlier feedback on whether a drug helps to get them back on their feet.

Currently doctors try to estimate a patient's response to a drug by asking how far and how often they walk.

But sensors that are taped to the neck can monitor parients day and night. providing a far more objective - and accurate- measure of activity.

Dr Caroline Hargrove, techincal director at McLaren Applied Technologiesm is adapting the sensors and the softwaer used to analyse the data for human use.
"Rather than how fast you have gone raound a lap, It's how many minutes of walking you have done"
she said.

A simple, small sensor gives you so much context to go on. It captures somethig quite subjective -  the level of activity you do.

Much more will be updated and will create a lot of content on this


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