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Tyre Choice different due to Competition!!!

The tyre choices this year have been so differnt for all the top teams in the championship. Most of the times in the previous years the teams used to choose the same tyre selections. Which made the races more predictable by the race monitors.
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What is the reason?

Competition the most blunt and the most straight forward answer. The ripples of the rule changes in the year 2014 is still showing today. It seems that the teams have all come up with the engines and the aerodynamics like the 2014 Mercedes Engine and the model.

What is in for the fans and the sponsors?

The rule changes of the 2014 have made it possible for even the lower end teams to have a chance to win in the podium finish. Recently in the race at Baku the European Grand prix force india came third. Which is very dominant on their part.

Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull have once more opted for different tyre allocations for the same race weekend, after Pirelli revealed the selections for this year's 2016 Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Mercedes, for example, have opted for just one set of hards each, alongside five sets of mediums and seven sets of softs - a combination echoed by Williams, Renault, McLaren and Manor.

Ferrari, however, have chosen to take two sets of hards, alongside three sets of mediums and eight sets of softs - while Red Bull have decided upon two sets of hards, four sets of mediums and seven sets of softs.
Haas, meanwhile, are the only team to opt for different strategies between their drivers - Romain Grosjean will be able to make use of two sets of hards and four sets of mediums, while Esteban Gutierrez has just one set of hards, but five sets of mediums. for the british grand prix

Look out!!!!!!!!

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